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Copy trade from copy trade Master TradingS Capital

You can easily get profits by copying trades without having to spend time researching the market or methods, strategies, capital management, psychological management, etc. and much more.

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Copy trade from copy trade expert accounts – What is social trading?

Copy Trade literally means COPYING A TRADE. Trades on the expert's account will be copied to the Copy investor's account. Any trading action performed by the expert such as open order, stop loss, close order will be executed in the copier's account.

Who is suitable for copying trade from copy trade experts?


Investors who want to find a source of income, use money to create money from idle capital.


People who do not have too much time to follow market information.


People who are new to the market and want to learn more trading methods from experts.

Nearly $600,000 profit in 3 years of TradingS Capital

Why should you copy trade from copy trade experts at LiteForex LiteFinance?

LiteForex LiteFinance has proven its credibility by gaining many titles after 16 years of operation including the European financial standard Cysec license, awards in three prestigious categories: "Best ECN Broker", "Best Copy Trading Platform" and "Best Retail Forex Trading Platform".

  • LiteForex LiteFinance supports free swap, promotion from 10-30% deposit, low fixed spread and free commission with classic account, ECN account with extremely low spread and low commission. This helps investors minimize transaction costs and optimize profits.
  • Social Trading at LiteForex LiteFinance has fast order-matching speed with many different copy settings, fast deposit and withdrawal speed to help you fully control your capital.

What is TradingS Capital

TradingS Capital is a financial institution specializing in investment fund management and providing trading signals and strategies. With a team of staff with many years of experience in investment fund management, Trading S Capital has built a very successful trading system that generates profits from 5-15% per month and helps a lot of domestic and foreign investors. That means with a capital of $100.000 per month you can make a profit of $5.000 - $15.000.

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Why choose copy trade with TradingS Capital at LiteForex - LiteFinance?

No trading method is always right and lasts forever. Understanding this, TradingS Capital's automated trading system is controlled by a team of experts, updating appropriate strategies when market conditions change.

Expert accounts developed over 3 years since 2016 with stable profits have proven the strategy's ability and effectiveness in various harsh market conditions.

With the use of a large capital of $100.000, the trading rate is over 80%, so the team of experts is responsible for their own capital, trading results as well as trust and copy efficiency of investors.

Trading S Capital has a total copy capital of more than $2.000.000 and nearly 300 investors copying on many different famous copying platforms.

History stament> 3 years profit, Low risk, high win rate: 80%

How did investors evaluate TradingS Capital's strategy?

Trading S Capital has received many positive feedbacks from copy investors in Vietnam and many foreign countries on various copy trade social networks.

Because of the effectiveness and positive reviews during this whole time, THUVIENTAICHINH.COM has chosen to introduce TradingS Capital to investors who want to copy and create more monthly income.

Instructions for copying trading with TradingS Capital

The recommended initial copy capital is $5000 with the copy installation form being:

  • - Copy open orders: Since more than 80% of orders generate profits, choosing to copy open orders will help you maximize profits.
  • - 5% of the trading volume of a specialized account has a capital of $100.000, so you need to set the correct rate of 5% with a capital of $5000.

Similarly, if your capital is $10.000, $20.000, you will increase the percentage of trading volume by 10% and 20%.

The installation according to the correct amount of capital and % suggested above has been researched by the Trading S Capital team to help investors get sustainable results.

After finishing the 6 steps above, you have finished copying, relax and let TradingS Capital make money for you.

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